Our Car Communicates with Aliens

Love this post!!!!! I’m still giggling at it.

Mara Eastern

Your car has secrets. Your car has secrets.

The following conversation took place about midnight, after hubby left the car parked on the driveway rather than in the garage and after curious granny couldn’t cope with this state of things any longer.

The door is thrown open. A voice from the darkness of the corridor.

Granny (alarmed): There’s a red light blinking in the car!
Hubby (grumpily): I know.
Granny (insistent): But there’s a red light blinking there!
Hubby (annoyed): It’s the security system.
Granny (suspicious): Is it?
Hubby (disgruntled): Huh.
Granny (disgruntled): Huh.

A snort is heard. The door is slammed closed.

I’ve been studying granny’s behaviour pattern for years and discovered that she uses evading techniques to ask for what she wants. In this case study, she required that the car be put in the garage, but utilised a substitute problem to achieve her aim. She didn’t achieve it…

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