A crap journey! Pet tales & humour….really I promise….


Eclectic odds n sods

A crap journey!

I decided to link up with the emotion” I chose for theA-Z blogging challenge, the letter being Rand the word repulsed. You will see the post here.

Mara from Mara Easterns personal blog said to me with regards to this post ….

“Repulsed” in an interesting choice. I was thinking of “rejection” first… Hope there’s nothing repulsive about your Easter though 😉

I had to cough slightly as I could not say that that was true…those faint hearted and not doggy lovers best click on to a different post of mine (of course I won’t direct you anywhere else…snickers!)

So I continue

267We were returning from our weeks vacation in lovely North Devon, having relaxed and walked amongst the sand dunes and taken in the sea air.

I was nervous about the drive and possible traffic, mainly due to my back and…

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