Travel and Perspective

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A Bird with Wings


Though the number of Americans holding passports has increased, we still don’t travel in the numbers that people from other wealthy nations do. There are a variety of reasons for this and we have heard most of them. Americans have precious little vacation time. We live a good distance from most other countries, save Mexico and Canada, which are by far the most visited countries by Americans, followed by Great Britain. According to a January article in the New York Times: “Americans today are taking less vacation time than at any point in nearly 40 years, according to an October report for the U.S. Travel Association by Oxford Economics.”

When I ask people about why they don’t travel abroad, some will ask me why they should- they have everything they need in the United States. This is an extraordinarily ethnocentric and myopic view of the world. Here is how it was mapped in Buzzfeed:

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